April 5, 2015

55 Mill – Artist Highlight with Kim Leuenberger

Kim Leuenberger

This weeks the 55 Mill Artist Highlight is on photographer Kim Leuenberger currently residing in London.  We recently came across Kim when she was featured on Instagram’s feed for her photo of the” Jacobite steam train — a Hogwarts Express lookalike — passing over the Glenfinnan Viaduct, the Scottish crossing that is so famous for its appearances in the Harry Potter films”.  After a few minutes of lurking her feed it was clear she had a lot more for us to see and we wanted to share that.  Naturally we explored this and got in touch with Kim for an exclusive Q&A.

1. How old are you? How long have you been shooting? And what are you shooting on?
I’m 23, and I’ve always loved photography, but I’ve only been taking it that seriously for 5 or 6 years maybe. I shoot on a iPhone 5, olympus pen epl7, sony a6000 and a canon 5d mark iii! And sometimes on film too!
2. Tell us about the miniature cars you take photos of, what inspired that?
Well it all started 4 years ago, when I was asked to join a movement raising awareness for autism. I took all my toys out to my garden and amongst them was a little hippy van that I photographed with a paddington bear. The picture is at the beginning of my Instagram, and it really started it all. Then I took only the car and made it travel and created a whole new world around it.
3. You were featured on instagram is this the first time that has happen? How did this come about and how do you feel?
 It’s the first time I get featured by Instagram, yes! It feels really amazing, because this app changed everything for me and my photography and in a way, my life. I wouldn’t have moved to London and met all my amazing friends if it wasn’t for it!
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4. Do you have any thing the followers should look forward out for? Any future post or projects coming up?
 Well, I’ve planned to travel quite a lot in the next few months, and I’ve got a pretty exciting new project for my uni term, a collaboration.  So if you like nature, landscapes, adventures and creativity, you should be able to find that in my shots.
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5. Whats your favorite lens?
I’m a 50mm kind of person. I love a wide aperture and playing with the depth of field. But I use a wide range of different cameras (as I’m working in a camera store!) and I get to try out quite a lot of them.

6. Why do you shoot?Photography is my life. It’s the way I see things. I shoot to express myself, and show my feelings and emotions, tell a story to other people. For me, it’s a way to communicate!

To see more of kim’s work visit her instagram here.  Check out some of her latest post below.  What do you guys think of kim’s work? See you guys back on the stream.
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    Her work is great

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    Wow she does some impressive work. She handles photography with water pretty well.